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Best theta Treatment program for painfull morton's neuromas.
Determine the best treatment for Heel Spur Syndrome /Plantar Fasciitis Finally , get help for high , and very high arches.





Flat Feet

Finally the medical help that you have been looking for.

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Our new Total-Control orthotic with both rearfoot and fore-foot wedges alows a natural and effective restoration of the collapsed arches, and abnormal foot function, associated with flat feet.

This unique orthotic is without question the best treatment ever invented for flat feet. It gradually restores your arch , and stops the foot , ankle, knee, and back pain that is caused by collapse of the long arch of your feet.

Skeptical? Concerned about receiving medical care over the internet? Frustrated with ineffective treatment from your physician? Tired of waisting your money on treatment that has not helped? Is your pain limiting your ability to walk , stand, run as you perform daily activities?

Finally a UNIQUE treatment that actually works, is hundreds of dollars less expensive than treatment from your local physician, does not require time off work, deductables, co-pays, waiting rooms, and most of all treatment that Stops the PAIN.


New research in foot function has identified the cause of arch breakdown and now provides natural restoration with complete resolution of symptoms. The use of two unique wedges in both the center and front of the foot is the most natural and comfortable treatment ever invented.

This treatment begins with a correction level that is both tolerable and helpful. As your foot adjusts to the change in arch configuration, we gradually and progressively increase the correction level, until all pain and disability is resolved.

Flexible Flat Feet

infantpronation front_and_back_sized_and_sharpened

Ridged Flat Foot (Surgical Fusion)

Understand how Theta science makes treatment successful for both ridged and flexible flat feet.

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Total -Control Theta-Orthotics Now our treatment of choice for flat feet.

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Flexible Flat Feet

Total-Control with complete restoration of the arch with 40 degrees rear foot and 20 degrees of fore foot correction.


Optimal correction for most patients without arthritic limitations is 40 degrees in the rear foot and 20 degrees in the forefoot.

Relief can begin with as little as 12 degrees of rearfoot and 3 degrees of forefoot correction.

The average patient with flat feet starts treatment with 17 degrees of rearfoot and 5 degrees of forefoot correction.

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The Best Possible Treatment

Several factors are necessary in order to treat flat feet effectively with arch support or orthotics.

One: When treating adult patients with flat feet the treatment needs to start with very low angular correction so that the patient can tolerate the treatment process. Even very low corrections will generate some relief in symptoms. Every 5 degree increase in correction, once tollerated, will additionally decrease symptoms in the foot, knee and back.

Two: The treatment needs to be consistent in order to succeed. the value of the treatment is directly proportional to the amount of time that it is used during ALL weight bearing activities. If the device is only used part time the foot and body has great difficulty in adjusting to the changes that are created, and the treatment is less effective in eliminating pain and other symptoms.

Three: This treatment compensates for an angular misalignment in our anatomy. Life long use is reccommended.

When treatment of the flat foot follows a sequence of specific criteria that involve progressive , continuous, full time support of the long arch, the benefits out weigh any surgical benefits that I have observed in either my own patients or in the patients of other surgeons.


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