Avoid surgery, stop the pain not your activity.

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Theta-Orthotics: Change the way you walk and Stop the Pain.

Stop neuroma pain without surgery.
This child  obviously needs Theta.
The way you walk is causing  your Heel Pain.
Do NOT consent to surgery!

Sharp, shooting, or burning inter-metatarsal pain? Theta Orthotics takes pressure off the nerve to stop even advanced Morton’s Neuroma pain. Avoid potentially dangerous, ineffective neuroma surgery. 

Theta-Orthotics provides a permanent solution to Flat Feet. Don’t waste more money with drugstore inserts. They promote little change and minimal support that compresses out with time

Complete relief of pain associated with Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis. Our progressive treatment system is proven with over 30 years of clinical experience.

Foot function as we walk and stand is directly related to Posture. Improve your child’s posture during everyday activities. Learn how your chronic foot, knee, and back pain may be caused by the way you walk and stand.


No other foot control device can even come close to providing the amount of required correction and subsequent help that someone with  High Arches really needs.

Do progressively disabling problems interrupt your Athletic training? Theta-Orthotics can eliminate chronic foot and knee pain, as well as most chronic musculoskeletal conditions. No need to suffer or stop your training; just stop the pain as you add balance and power to your stride.

Many of my internet patients over the last 17 years have been diagnosed by multiple physicians. They report a history of unsuccessful treatments, including surgery. Desperation and disabling pain motivated most to accept my unique help over the internet.

My internet patients these days are much more proactive, they are all looking for a successful, noninvasive, Surgical Alternative.  Brent A. Jarrett D.P.M. Physician and Surgeon of the Foot, CEO Theta-Orthotics

These internet patients are all recently documented cases on our new youtube channel. Many other Theta patients have documented their cases in writing, some after more than 20 years of treatment.

help for mortons neuroma

Gwen had tried and failed every known treatment for chronic foot pain at least twice. Then she got help with Theta. Click to view her video post.

It took five years of failed treatments before Kathy found Theta. Now after five years of successful treatment for her Morton’s Neuroma, she tells her story on youtube.com

disabling morton neuroma

Gwen Foot Pain

Kathy Morton’s Neuroma

work with mortons neuroma

Cheryl thought she would need to quit her job the neuroma pain was so bad. She is back to work, out of pain and happy thanks to Theta Orthotics.

This patient’s primary intent was to avoid surgery for her foot pain diagnosed as Morton’s Neuroma. She has been treated with Theta for several years and is pain free.

avoid surgery mortons neuroma

Cheryl Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma

surgical alternative mortons neuroma

Tim definitely wanted an alternative treatment when his podiatrist recommended surgery. He has been pain free for years and is more active now than ever. He credits Theta-Orthtoics on youtube.

Carol tried every form of physcial therapy, adjustment, etc., but the pain was too much. She resumed all discontinued activities and stopped all the pain with Theta.

walk pain free

Tim Morton’s Neuroma

Carol Morton’s Neuroma

congenital painfull flat feet

Clarissa had been treated by multiple physicians with many different orthotics for pain associated with flat feet. She tells her story on youtube.com

Brenda was clear that she wanted a treatment that addressed the cause of the pain. She understood how common multiple and even recurrent neuromas really are.

treat the cause of mortons neuroma

Clarissa Flat Feet

Brenda Morton’s Neruoma

heal stump neuromas

After multiple failed surgeries to treat his painfull neuromas, he was left with a disabling Stump Neuroma. Roman has been mostly pain free for the last 9 year and he thanks Theta Orthotics.

Dr Garry Ross was looking for help with chronic back pain. He has been a patient of Theta-Orthotics for 6 years. He shares his story on youtube.

stop low back pain

Roman Recurrent Stump Neuromas

congenital flat foot

Dr Lane was in his 4th year of medical school when he was considering surgery for a congenital foot problem. Four year of treatment with Theta orthotics and he is active, pain free, without surgery.

Melissa wanted and got real help for her posture. She even returned to the smaller feet she had when she was younger.

Dr Gary Ross Low Back Pain

better posture smaller feet

Dr Lane Congenital Flat Feet

Melissa Posture Problems

theta biomechanics

Thirty years of clinical research with thousands of documented cases treating foot, knee, and back pain with quantified Theta-Orthotics. Avoid surgery and stop the pain caused by the way you walk and stand. US Patent Pending #61657626    www.pcopco.com (Updated)  www.theta-orthotics.com (Original)

make digital  theta orthotics

thetaorthotics@gmail.com  8461 Regalia Rd., Salt Lake City, UT 84121  800-558-4382

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